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Just a Working Class Hero

I don't really think of this as fanfiction so much as artist appreciation.

So here I am, appreciating
The Fab Four...or more precisely, John Lennon

Desperately Seeking John

October 9, 2002 would have been John Lennon's 62 Birthday. This is just a poem. I Love and Miss you John! Shine On!

Legend: John Lennon
A poem about the loss of John.

Dream of John
Just a poem written while listening to 'God'

Kurt and John
My homage to Cobain and Lennon

For The Man
Just a poem reflecting on his influence.

Can You Still
Just about the lingering effect of that night in December 1980.

This would have been John's 64th birthday...this is to commemorate the day and the life.

A Man
A poem in honour of John. Missing you long after these 24 years.

Far From Perfect
Knowing who he was doesn't change what he means.

For your birthday, take heart that you will be remembered.

Imagine Forever
Twenty-five years ago, John Lennon was murdered, but he is far from gone.

A Life
A 66th Birthday, but do people remember?


Lonely People Series
"The Meeting"
"The Kiss"
"The Cool"
"The Night"
"The Girlfriend"
"The Willow"
"The Other"
"The Last Kiss"
"The Good-Bye"

This is my first attempt at Beatles Fic. Just a cute, short, pre-beatle mini John series. (Completed)

Rock and Roll Heaven
A girl finally gets to visit John Lennon. Based on a dream.
Story has been removed from my site to be published in the e-zine Rooftop Sessions.

Let It Be

!!!!!!!!!!!!!which BEATLES song are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

!!!!!!!!!!!!!which BEATLES song are you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

The John Lennon Ring by sandraulbrich
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